TS News - Inmarsat-3 Craft Enters Service

TELE-satellit News, 4 August 1997

Inmarsat-3 Craft Enters Service
  LONDON, England, 1997/08/04 (TS) -- The fourth Inmarsat-3 series
satellite has recently entered into service, according to operators
Inmarsat, the International Maritime Satellite Organization.

  The Inmarsat-3 F4 satellite was launched on a European Ariane rocket on
June 3 and has replaced the Inmarsat Altantic Ocean West region satellite,
which in turn has become a system back-up craft. The fifth and sixth
satellites in the series are due to be launched in December.

  Meanwhile, Hungary announced that it has become the 81st nation to join
Inmarsat. The central European nation paid $400,000 for a 0.05-percent
stake in the organization. It gives the country immediate access to the
satellite network via Government established HUNSAT, the signatory
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