TS News - Match Music To Join Telepiu

TELE-satellit News, 26 July 1997

Match Music To Join Telepiu
  ROME, Italy, 97/07/26 (TS) -- The Italian pay-TV network Telepiu has
announced on July 18th that it will launch a new 24 hour music channel for
Italy called Match Music Satellite. The channel will be based in Verona,
where it first operated as a local channel before starting to produce music
programs for other Italian TV channels. Match Music Satellite will join
Telepiu's digital package from October and it will be offered to
subscribers as part of the Basic package of channels. The channel will
offer at least 60% of Italian music and that will be the principal
difference in comparison to the Italian version of MTV which is currently
part of the same package.

  Telepiu has also confirmed the launch of other thematic channels: Marco
Polo channel devoted to travel and tourism (from September), a classic
Italian movies channel called Cineclassics Italia, NBC Europe and Canale
Disney, the Italian version of The Disney Channel (to start in December).
Another horseracing channel is also in the planning stages as are channels
dedicated to nature, hunting, classical music, economy and cars. All of
these new channels will also join the Basic package which is offered to
subscribers at the price of 15,000 lire (around 15 DEM) a month.

  By: Branislav Pekic
(c)TELE-satellit 1997. All rights reserved.

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