TS News - Euronews Heading To Canada

TELE-satellit News, 15 July 1997

Euronews Heading To Canada
  OTTAWA, Canada, 97/07/15 (TS) -- Canadian TV viewers may soon be able to
watch Euronews, the pan-European news broadcaster with no on-screen
presenters. CanCom has filed an application to broadcast the multilingual
TV network across Canada.

  Euronews began broadcasting in 1992, as an initiative of the EBU
(European Broadcasting Union). It is now distributed in 38 countries in
Europe and the Mediterranean basin with a potential audience of 86 million
homes. The broadcasts are in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish,
with Arabic coming soon. The presentation format is original insofar as it
gives priority to images accompanied by off-camera voice-over. Through
exchanges with the major news agencies, such as WTN, APTV and Reuters TV,
among others, the network has access to a vast quantity of video news footage.

  Alain Gourd, President and CEO of Cancom, stated: "For the first time in
history, the Euronews signal would be uplinked directly from France via a
transatlantic satellite whose footprint includes Canada. This is a direct
outcome of the agreements we signed last January with the French company
Havas, in the presence of Mr. John Manley, Minister of Industry, on Prime
Minister Jean Chretien's official visit to Paris.  This is the first of a
series of applications for a package of signals that we wish to import as a
result of the agreements with our European partner."

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