TS News - MNet Plans Music For Africa

TELE-satellit News, 14 July 1997

MNet Plans Music For Africa
  JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 97/07/14 (SatND) -- According to the South
African Mail and Guardian, M-Net is planning a pan-African satellite music
channel. Although a name hasn't been found yet, the channel is expected to
be launched as soon as September this year. Thirty percent of the 24 hours
broadcast every day will be devoted to South African music, ten percent to
the rest of Africa and the rest to black American music. Programming will
be produced externally; six South African production companies will
reportedly present their pitch to M-Net in mid-July.

  The new music station will be part of the 40-channel DSTV bouquet that
already offers Carlton Network, BET on Jazz and Zee TV.

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