TS News - Arianespace Signs Mexico Launch Contract

TELE-satellit News, 6 July 1997

Arianespace Signs Mexico Launch Contract
  WASHINGTON, DC, USA, 97/07/06 (TS) -- Mexico has signed a launch contract
with Arianespace for its Morelos III satellite. The satellite is likely to
be launched in late 1998. Morelos III, Mexico's fifth telecommunications
satellite, will take over for Morelos II.  Built by Hughes Space
Communications in El Segundo, Calif., for Telecomm de Mexico, it will weigh
3,550 kg (7,810 lb) at liftoff.  It uses an HS 601HP platform, with 48
Ku-and C-band transponders.  Offering 10 times the power of Morelos II,
this new satellite will provide complete telecommunications services for
Mexico and Hispanic communications in Latin America and North America.

  Mexico has already chosen Arianespace to launch Solidaridad 1 in November
1993 (Flight 61) and Solidaridad 2 in October 1994 (Flight 69).  Including
this tenth contract of the year, Arianespace has now 44 satellites on order
to be launched.  The next launch, Flight 98, is scheduled for August 7.

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