TS News - Hong Kong Spectacular Video Feed

TELE-satellit News, 27 June 1997

Hong Kong Spectacular Video Feed
  HONG KONG, 97/06/27 (TS) -- Details of the satellite feed from the Hong
Kong 97 Spectacular, the mammoth live show to be staged July 1 on the
waters of Victoria Harbour, celebrating the tradition and culture of Hong
Kong on the occasion of its handover from Great Britain to China, have been

  The feed will last one hour and is available to broadcasters free of
charge. The company said, "The satellite serving the West Coast of North
America is Intelsat 18OE.  The downlink frequency and polarization of the
C-band transponder 11/21 are 3,724 MHz and A-polarized.  The digital signal
is to be MPEGE encoded with FEC 3/4 and transported at 6.112 Msymbol per
second.  Recommended receiver is Scientific Atlanta D9223."

  Audio channels are: Audio 1 Left - International sound, Audio 1 Right -
English commentary, Audio 2 Left - Cantonese commentary. More details can
be obtained from 852-2339-6310.

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