TS News - PAS Gears Up For Hong Kong Handover

TELE-satellit News, 26 June 1997

PAS Gears Up For Hong Kong Handover
  HONG KONG, 97/06/26 (TS) -- PanAmSat says it expects to transmit nearly
2,000 hours of full and part-time television coverage of Hong Kong's
reunification with China.  More than a dozen broadcasters, including CCTV,
CNN, NBC and NHK are using PanAmSat and its fleet of satellites for
worldwide distribution of live and taped news footage of the historical

  As part of its service for the July 1 turnover, PanAmSat's PAS-2 and
PAS-4 satellites will transmit both C-band and Ku-band signals received
from fixed and transportable earth stations in Hong Kong to sites around
the world.  Customers, including Fuji TV, Hong Kong Telecom, Australia's
Seven Network, Tokyo Broadcast System and TVBI will utilize PanAmSat
capacity for full-time coverage of the event.  In addition, Beijing
Wireless Communications, British Telecommunications, Cosatech, TVBS, Wold
International and Worldwide Television News will use PanAmSat satellites
for part-time transmissions from both Hong Kong and related events in Beijing.

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