TS News - Vyvx Expands Teleports

TELE-satellit News, 6 May 1997

Vyvx Expands Teleports
  TULSA, Oklahoma, 97/05/06 (TS) -- Vyvx, a major satellite video
transmission service, has announced major upgrades at its four teleports,
including a 16-meter standard A antenna in the Los Angeles area.

  The Upsouth Teleport in Atlanta has installed one 8.1-meter ku-band dish
to serve international customers in the Atlantic region. International
C-band antennas are under construction, and expected to be operational in
July. Another 9.2-meter C-band dish has been added for domestic service.
Upsouth is planning a new transmission facility that will double its
present capacity. Switching into and out of the facility has already
improved with a new 128-by- 128 routing switcher.  Connectivity with the
Vyvx fiber network will increase substantially this summer with
construction of an OC-48 digital link.

   The Denver Teleport in Colorado has expanded its occasional use C-band
capabilities with another occasional use C-band transmit system.  The
Denver Teleport also offers full business television services, transmitting
from any location in Denver via microwave back to the teleport for
transmission over satellite or the Vyvx fiber network.  Denver Teleport is
strategically located to cross from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean
region satellites in a single hop, which translates into more direct
service for its international customers.

  The Steele Valley Teleport in Los Angeles has installed new 9-meter
C-band and 8-meter Ku-band moveable antennas for occasional use.  A new
16-meter standard antenna is being installed and will be fully operational
in July.  The teleport has also installed a new 128-by-128 router directly
connected to the Vyvx fiber network. As with the Upsouth teleport, the new
router provides additional connectivity for customers locally and directly
into the Vyvx fiber network via OC-48 digital fiber and 3 C/Ku-band
receive- only antennas.

  Finally, the National Gateway Teleport in New York has installed one
8.1-meter antenna fixed on the Orion 1 satellite offering full digital and
analog Ku-band service.  The teleport is also installing an additional
8.1-meter Ku-band antenna for digital and analog occasional and full time
use, to provide additional uplinking options onto the INTELSAT-K satellite.
 National Gateway Teleport has doubled its uninterrupted power supply to
500 KVA, increasing reliability and security.

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