Intelsat To Launch K-TV On Ariane

TELE-satellit News, 4 April 1997

Intelsat To Launch K-TV On Ariane
  WASHINGTON, D.C., 97/04/04 (TS) -- Intelsat has announced it has chosen
Arianespace as the launcher for its new K-TV satellite. A contract was
signed by Arianespace chairman Charles Bigot and Intelsat director General
and chief executive officer Irving Goldstein. The satellite is scheduled
for launch in late 1998 or early 1999, said Intelsat.

  The Intelsat K-TV satellite will be built by Matra Marconi Space in
Toulouse, France, and will weigh approximately 3,250 kg (7,164 lb) at
liftoff. It will be equipped with 30 Ku-band transponders and will have two
fixed beams and two steerable beams. Intelsat K-TV will be placed into
orbit at 95 degrees East over the Indian Ocean, from where it will provide
high-powered video services to the Asia-Pacific markets.

  Arianespace now has 41 satellites on order to be launched.

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