TS News - TeleCinco Reports Profits Rise

TELE-satellit News, 25 March 1997

TeleCinco Reports Profits Rise
  MADRID, Spain, 97/03/25 (TS) -- The Spanish private TV channel Telecinco
in which Italian media magnate Silvio Berlusconi holds a 25% stake, has
closed 1996 with the "best results in its history" and has plans to double
its revenues during this year. This result has been obtained thanks to a
drastic restructuring plan administered by the channel's CEO, Maurizio
Carlotti who arrived in Madrid back in 1994. He succeeded in saving the
channel which was burdened by a huge debt and a constant fall in audience.
The total revenues for 1996 amounted to 32 million DEM.

  Telecinco's audience ratings have increased from 18.5% in 1995 to 22%
last year, placing the channel at second place. One of the reasons for this
audience rise is a tabloid format program called "This time we cross the
Mississipi" which is filled with vulgarity and nudity. The audience of the
program has been between 30-40%.

  The management of Telecinco is currently studying a "top secret" plan for
expanding the channel into Latin America, through acquisitions and alliance
agreements. Already negotiations have started with the Chase Manhattan Bank
for a loan of around 180 million DEM which would serve to launch the new

  By: Branislav Pekic

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