TS News - HBO Hungary Begins Digital Broadcasting

TELE-satellit News, 24 March 1997

HBO Hungary Begins Digital Broadcasting
  BUDAPEST, Hungary, 97/03/24 (Sat Hungary) -- The Hungarian, the Czech,
and the Polish version of the HBO movie channel has started digital test
transmissions on the Amos-1 satellite at 4 degrees West. The uplink has
been carried out from the Kabelkom center in Budapest using Scientific
Atlanta's MPEG eqipments. The 8 channel MPEG-2 compressed package has been
created to replace the currently used videotape distribution system and
therefore they are capable to transmit more hours and to show live programs
as well, however HBO (and all associated channels) are remaining cable-only
and receiving equipments are only available for cable television networks.

  By: Tamas Nyitrai
  Source: Sat-Hungary

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