TS News - Polish News Roundup

TELE-satellit News, 18 March 1997

Polish News Roundup
  WARSAW, Poland, 97/03/18 (TS) -- The following are brief items of news
from TELE-satellit Poland.

Ambresa Takes Share in TV Wisla
  Ambresa sp. z o.o has acquired a 27 percent stake in the regional private
television station TV Wisla. Ambresa bought it from a company it also owns
stock in, PRKP Realbud. Other shareholders are TVN, which acquired a 49
percent stake and management control in the regional private television
station TV Wisla in 1996, Realbud, which has a 22.3 percent share, and
Boguslaw Zieba, the CEO of TV Wisla with 1.5 percent.

Polsat 2 - new outlined programme
  Polsat 2 is expected to start new programming in early May. Most of the
time, Polsat 2 will present music broadcasts for youth. Polsat 2 forecast
10 programmes of this type, which will present all kinds of rock music,
news from the music scene and concerts of Polish and foreign groups. This
will account for 6 hours per day. The remainder of the day will be filled
with dramas, soap operas and comedy series. Each morning and evening there
will be a half hour of both Sky News and CNN dubbed into Polish.

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