TS News - DirecTV Japan Places Broadcast Center Orders

TELE-satellit News, 6 March 1997

DirecTV Japan Places Broadcast Center Orders
  TOKYO, Japan, 97/03/06 (SatND) -- It's the best, the biggest and the most
sophisticated of its kind -- that's how DirecTV Japan (DTVJ) describes its
digital satellite broadcast centre. It doesn't exist yet; however, DTVJ is
moving forward with its construction. Located in Ibaraki Prefecture, it's
construction is well under way and expected to be completed in late May.
Successively, equipment is scheduled to be delivered and
installed in September, allowing a DTVJ start next autumn.

  DTVJ recently secured contracts with Magnitude Compression Systems Inc.,
a subsidiary of General Instrument Corp.; Matsushita Electric
Industrial Co. Ltd. (MEI), a DTVJ partner; Sony; and NEC Corp. The first in
the processing chain will be Sony, providing digital video and audio
distribution within DTVJ's ground network prior to distribution via
satellite. Sony's Baseband Processing Subsystem supports DTVJ's initial
requirements for delivery of approximately 100 video channels via 16
transponders on the yet-to-be-launched Superbird C. But before that,
Matsushita will take over and finally compress the signals before the reach
the uplink which will in turn be supplied by NEC, including two antennas.

  By: Peter Klanowski
  Source: Sat-ND

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