TS News - First Intelsat 8 Launched

TELE-satellit News, 3 March 1997

First Intelsat 8 Launched
  KOUROU, French Guiana, 97/03/03 (TS) -- An Ariane 44P rocket has launched
the first in the new generation of satellites operated by the International
Telecommunications Satellite Organization, Intelsat. Intelsat 801 was
launched the European Space Port in Kourou, French Guiana, and took place
on Friday, Feb. 28, 1997 at 8:07pm EST (0107 UTC March 1).    

  The Intelsat 801 satellite is based on the first in a new series of
platforms designed to provide more powerful and higher capacity C-band
communications services.  Built by Lockheed Martin Telecommunications, it
offers a number of technical innovations, including two steerable C-band
spotbeams, interconnection between the C and Ku bands, satellite
newsgathering (SNG) service, and compatibility with series VII and VIIA
satellites.  Intelsat 801 weighed 3,420 kg at liftoff. It provides a
capacity of 3 TV channels, 22,500 telephone circuits, and up to 112,500
digital telephone circuits.

  The next launch, Flight 95, is scheduled for April 11. An Ariane 44LP
launch vehicle will be used to place into orbit two satellites: the Thaicom
3 telecommunications satellite for Thailand, and the BSAT-1a direct
broadcast satellite for Japan.

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