TS News - Eurosport Remains Top European Channel

TELE-satellit News, 26 February 1997

Eurosport Remains Top European Channel
  PARIS, France, 97/02/26 (TS) -- France based pan-European sports channel
Eurosport has come in again as Europe's most widely available TV channel.
The service gets into 71.9 million cable and satellite homes through a
network of satellites targeting almost all of the continent with
free-of-charge top sports events. CNN International came in second with
59.7 million viewers; and the bronze medal goes to NBC Europe which beat
French language broadcaster TV 5 Europe and, the now pay TV, MTV Europe.

  Eurosport said it reached 44 countries and is watched by 17 million
viewers every day. The channel has its stronghold in Germany where its
technical reach extends to 26.8 million households. However, while being
freely available across the continent, most of Eurosport's commentary audio
channels are encrypted, thus allowing only cable subscribers to view the
channel in their own language. The satellite services carry major language
audio only.

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