TS News - Evangelical TV Station Plans Dutch Launch

TELE-satellit News, 24 February 1997

Evangelical TV Station Plans Dutch Launch
  AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, 97/02/24 (TS) -- In a small press conference,
in the town of Apeldoorn, Province of Gelderland, The Christoffel
Foundation announced that they want to start their own satellite TV station
sometime in July. This station, which will be called ETV (Evangelic
Television), will be transmitting only during nighttime, after other
stations are off the air. They have allready got a licence from the Dutch
Media Authority (Commissariaat voor de Media) to transmit the programmes.

  Talks have been started up with the several cable operators in Holland to
spread the signal into their cable network. It will not get its own channel
on the networks but have to share a channel with stations which are off the
air. This also means that before the new ETV can be broadcast, they also
have to talk with several other organisations about channel sharing.

  ETV, which claims that it will be a commercial station, will however not
carry any commercials. The programmes, they hope, will be sponsored by
several companies and from money which they will get from Christian viewers.

  Asked why they want to transmitt the ETV programmes during the night it
was stated that, more than on any other time, the Evangelic message should
be spread around. It is not known yet from which organisation The
Christoffel Foundation will hire a transponder. Broadcasting during the
night time will also mean it is much easier, and cheaper, to get
transponder space and viewers.

  By: Hans Knot
  Source: DutchMedia

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