TS News - Radio Caroline May Return To Satellite

TELE-satellit News, 18 February 1997

Radio Caroline May Return To Satellite
  HILVERSUM, Netherlands, 97/02/18 (TS) -- Radio Caroline may soon be
returning to the airwaves. The famous pirate radio station is planning to
be brought back to life by two groups, both formally associated with it,
according to a report on Radio Netherland's Media Network.

  The first plan involves Peter Moore, station manager for Caroline from
1987-1990, who says he has signed a contract for satellite airtime and will
soon begin broadcasting from the MV Ross Revenge. The Radio Caroline ship
is currently anchored in Chatham harbor in the UK. No details of timing, or
which transponder the lease was signed for, were given.

  The second plan is that of Rob Eden, former Caroline and Radio Northsea
International disc-jockey. He told Radio Netherlands that he will soon
begin test transmissions for Radio Caroline from Country Louth in Ireland.
He will use the 864 kHz frequency once occupied by failed Irish commercial
station Radio Nova. The station will raise money by selling airspace to
religious organizations.

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