TS News - In Hungary Eurosport Arrives, Departs

TELE-satellit News, 17 February 1997

In Hungary Eurosport Arrives, Departs
  BUDAPEST, Hungary, 97/02/17 (TS) -- The Hungarian version of European
sportschannel Eurosport was launched on 24th of January 1996. Since then,
it has only been available on the AM-mikro microwave system in Budapest.
This situation changed just before Christmas last year, when the Hungarian
subcarrier appeared on the Eutelsat Hot Bird 1 satellite, making the
Hungarian audio available to all satellite viewers.

  This is only temporary however, the Hungarian sound will move to the
Astra satellite system, be scrambled and only cable networks with proper
agreements will be able to re-distribute it. This could mean that DTH
viewers will not be able to enjoy Hungarian sport commentars any longer.

  By: Tamas Nyitrai
  Source: Sat Hungary

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