TS News - Serbian Private TV To Launch

TELE-satellit News, 13 February 1997

Serbian Private TV To Launch
  BELGRADE, Yugoslavia, 97/02/13 (TS) -- The largest Serbian private TV
station, BK TELECOM, will soon begin to broadcast its program by satellite.
BK TELECOM will broadcast its 24 hour TV program in the digital MPEG-2
system. The broadcasts will be additionally scrambled. Talks are under way
about leasing a transponder on three possible satellites: AMOS 1 (4o W),
EUTELSAT II-F4 (7o E), or INTELSAT K (21.5o W). 

  At the same time BK TELECOM is negotiating with manufacturers of IRD's
with the obvious aim of securing a deal for the production of decoders for
their planned new services.  BK TELECOM also revealed its plans for an
Internet presence (which will be launched by the end of this month). This
means that this TV station will be the first Yugoslav station which
broadcasts some of its program via the Internet. Viewers will be able to
watch some of BK TELECOM's most popular shows, like TELEFAKT (the leading
news program which is broadcast two times during the day: at 15:55 and
18:55 CET) by logging on to http://www.bktv.com

  The WWW BK TELECOM's programs will be broadcast completely with video and
audio so that the viewers watching through their computer monitors will
lose nothing of the programming content.  This popular TV station is also
expanding its auditorium by expanding its terrestrial broadcasting
capabilities. BK TELECOM is currently broadcasting its TV signal over 15
terrestrial transmitters in FRY (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), and an
extra number of transmitters in Republika Srpska (one of the two entities
of Bosnia & Herzegovina).  

  BK TELECOM is part of a huge Yugoslav industrial & media conglomerate
which is controlled by a family of brothers-entrepreneurs, the so-called
"Brothers Karic"- hence the BK acronym in the name of the TV station. The
CEO of the corporation, and the most prominent of the brothers, is Bogoljub
Karic, a wheeler-dealer who has gained a foothold in many telecommunication
sectors for his BK empire (he controls the largest Internet Service
Provider in the country - BK MR Systems and the GSM mobile phone network
with the Mobtel company). 

  By: Vladimir Pekic
  Source: SATELIT TV VIDEO Magazine

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