TS-News - Delta Explosion Delays Thor-II

TELE-satellit News, 1 February 1997

Delta Explosion Delays Thor-II
  OSLO, Norway, 97/02/01 (SatND) -- The February launch of Thor II,
Telenor's new communications satellite, has been delayed following the
explosion of a Delta 2 rocket at Cape Canaveral. The same type of vehicle
which was scheduled to launch Thor II at the end of February.

  Telenor's new satellite is equipped with 15 transponders and it will
increase capacity on the 1°West position by 15 analogue or 75 digital TV
channels aimed at the Nordic countries. A panel has been named by the US
Air Force to investigate the Delta 2 explosion. In the meantime, all Delta
2 launches are put on indefinite hold. So far, the Air Force remained
silent about the progress of the investigation.

  "If we look at similar situations in the past," says Knut Reed, managing
director of Telenor Satellite services, "we can expect a delay of between
one and three months. We shall of course be keeping our customers
continuously updated on the status." He added that Telenor would be "doing
our best to let our customers start distribution of new TV channels to the
Nordic market as soon as possible."

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