TS News - Ariane Set For Record Launch

TELE-satellit News, 30 January 1997

Ariane Set For Record Launch
  KOUROU, French Guiana, 97/01/30 (SatND/TS) -- An Ariane 44L rocket will
attempt to lift nearly 5 tonnes into orbit today, the heaviest payload ever
carried by an Ariane launcher. Flight 93 is scheduled for between 2204 and
2332 UTC. As the L indicates, the rocket will be equipped with four liquid
strap-on boosters.

  There are two satellites on board: GE2 (2,649 kg) was built by Lockheed
Martin Astro Space. On of its main customers will be the Primestar DBS
service. GE2 will allow Primestar, run by TCI Satellite and other cable
operators, to expand its programming lineup by at least 65 channels. NAHUEL
1A, Argentina's first communications satellite, weighs in at 1,790 kg.
Before you write in to complain that those two satellites don't make up for
5 tonnes, remember that there's also a 460-kg installation aboard the
rocket that separates them both. The total weight of the payload will be
4,899 kg.

  The launch window runs from 5:04 p.m. to 6:32 p.m. ET (10:04 to 11:32
p.m. UTC). Coverage of Ariane flight 93 will be on Satcom C1/04 (3.780
GHz), and it should begin about one-half hour in advance of the launch
window opening.

  By: Peter Klanowski, Curt Swinehart
  Source: Sat-ND

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