TELE-satellit News, 22 January 1997

Radio Nordzee Plans TV Channel
  HILVERSUM, Netherlands, 97/01/21 (SatND) -- Radio Noordzee Nationaal
(RNN) plans to set up its own television station by May 1 under the name TV
Noordzee. Multimedia company Strengholt in Naarden will own the new
station, just as they currently own the
very popular RNN.

  Nothing can be said of the programming at present, except that the format
will be the same as that of RNN, thus meaning a lot of Dutch music. The
station will be on air for a couple of hours initially, with plans to
expand later on. Strengholt says it doesn't want to invest to much money in
their new venture because they wouldn't want to damage their 'flourishing
company'. TV Noordzee is willing to share a channel with another
broadcaster for the moment, although it does want to have a channel for its
own later on.

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