TS News - PanAmSat Awarded License In Pakistan

TELE-satellit News, 14 January 1997

PanAmSat Awarded License In Pakistan
  ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, 1997/01/14 (TS) -- PanAmSat has been awarded a
license for private satellite services operations from the Pakistan
Telecommunications Authority. This new license enables the company to
provide satellite capacity for domestic data services within the country.
Together with the announcement of the license, the US based private
satellite operator said it has already lined-up three customers who will
use the PAS-4 Indian Ocean Region satellite for domestic data services.

  They are Acsys Ltd., Comstar-ISA and Fascom Systems, all providers of
value-added domestic telecommunications services in Pakistan. The three
will use transmissions capacity on the PAS-4 C-band South Asia/Middle East
beam to provide value-added data services, such as private business
networks, within Pakistan, said PanAmSat. In the future they will use PAS-7.

  Fascom works with more than 200 customers and is one of the largest
Internet service providers in Pakistan. Comstar is an American/Pakistani
joint venture data communications company and was the first to set up a
star configuration-based shared TDMA hub in the region.  Acsys offers
specialized applications for the financial sector, government agencies,
airlines, hotels, postal organizations, oil and gas companies, and is also
working in collaboration with AT&T.

  Launched in August 1995, PAS-4 contains 16 C-band and 24 Ku-band
transponders.  The PAS-4 C-band South Asia/Middle East beam provides
high-power transmissions coverage from London to Japan. The PAS-7
satellite, to be launched late in 1997, will contain 14 C-band and 30
Ku-band transponders and will be collocated with PAS-4 over the Indian
Ocean region at 68.5 degrees East Longitude.

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