TS News - TV Screens Dark In Russia

TELE-satellit News, 9 January 1997

TV Screens Dark In Russia
  MOSCOW, Russia, 97/01/09 (OMRI) -- Communication workers in Krasnoyarsk
removed Russian Public TV (ORT), Russian TV, and local state TV from the
air before 8 pm local time on 6 January in a warning strike to protest
against those broadcasters' failure to pay for their air time, Radio Russia
reported. The television companies owe more than 11 billion rubles ($2
million) and the situation is unlikely to improve soon since there is
little money in the federal budget to finance the media. Murmansk viewers
lost many of their TV stations for a week in December for the same reasons.

  By: Robert Orttung
  Source: This material was reprinted with permission of the Open Media 
          Research Institute, a nonprofit organization with research offices 
          in Prague, Czech Republic. For more information on OMRI 
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