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TELE-satellit News, 4 January 1997

Happy New Year From TS News
  TOKYO, Japan, 97/01/04 (TS) -- I would like to wish all subscribers to
this mailing list a happy new year for 1997. Our goal for the coming year
is to continue to cover daily news and happenings in the global satellite
industry. Of course none of this is possible without the support of
TELE-satellit magazine and several regular contributors around the world,
to whom I send special New Years wishes.

  If you ever wonder why news from your country or your company never
appears here it is probably because I don't know about it. Despite an
impressive subscriber mailing list, reaching over 50 countries and many of
the industry's top companies, we receive a very low number of contributions
from readers. If you work at a company in the industry please get your PR
department to e-mail press releases to us and if you have an interesting
local news story and want to try your hand at journalism please feel free
to contribute!

  If you've never seen a copy of TELE-satellit now is the time to do so!
Published six times a year, it contains the most comprehensive news,
listings and features of any satellite magazine worldwide and now carries
English translations, and English only features, along side the previous
German language pages. Check out the Web site at
http://www.tele-satellit.com where you can not only read past messages from
this list but also check out the many other free lists offered and get a
chance to see a copy of TELE-satellit magazine.

  Also check http://www.sat-city.com which has an amazing collection of
resources for satellite broadcasting users and fans.

  Once again, a happy new year from Tokyo, Japan.

        Martyn Williams

(c)TELE-satellit 1996. All rights reserved.

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