TS News - Walt Disney Prepares To Take On Nickelodeon

TELE-satellit News, 22 December 1996

Walt Disney Prepares To Take On Nickelodeon
  NEW YORK, New York, USA, 96/11/22 (SHOPTALK) -- In its first attempt to
steal viewers from Viacom Inc.'s Nickelodeon network, the Walt Disney Co.
is finishing up plans to launch a cable network devoted solely to
educational shows for children. With the network, tentatively called "ABZ,"
 Disney will target young children and preschoolers during the day and
teens and young adults at night.

  The project marks one of Disney's first attempts at combining its
reputable family entertainment business with television since purchasing
Capital Cities/ABC Inc. last year.  Disney/ABC Cable Networks President
Geraldine Laybourne, credited in the industry for making Nickelodeon the
powerhouse it is, is spearheading the project.

  Source: Wall Street Journal via Shoptalk

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