TS News - DirecTV To Launch Extra Channels For Latin America

TELE-satellit News, 18 December 1996

DirecTV To Launch Extra Channels For Latin America
  MEXICO CITY, Mexico, 96/12/16 (TS) -- DirecTV has announced its Galaxy
Latin America service will begin offering up to 238 channels from September
1997. The increase in number of channels will be made possible by the
launch of a new satellite, Galaxy VIII-I. DirecTv has 24 transponders
available on Galaxy III-R and the new satellite will add an extra 32

  DirecTV Latin America said it will be using 102 channels for video, 43
for pay-per-view movies and sports, and 27 others reserved for "cutting
edge data and entertainment services" being developed today. An additional
66 audio channels will be available for radio and music programming.

  The Galaxy VIII-I satellite carries 32 transponders in Ku-band using 118
watts traveling-wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs), almost twice the power of
Galaxy III-R. The 32 transponders will cover the Southern Cone, with 16
carrying programming mostly in Portuguese. The other 16 will service the
Southern Cone and the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean with
programming mostly in Spanish. The new satellite is a Hughes HS 601 HP

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