TS News - CBC Lays Off 996

TELE-satellit News, 13 December 1996

CBC Lays Off 996
  OTTAWA, Canada, 96/12/13 (SHOPTALK) -- The Canadian Broadcasting Corp. on
Tuesday laid off 996 workers in six Canadian cities, coming on the heels of
540 CBC employees accepting a voluntary severance package. CBC is planning
to eliminate over the next 18 months an estimated 3,000 jobs in all to make
up for a reduction of $304 million (U.S.) in government funding.

  According to consumer group Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, 80% of the
eliminated jobs are programming-related. CBC said last week that it was
closing in March its worldwide short-wave radio service, Radio Canada
International. RCI has been cut back previously from a once major shortwave
programmer to what is now little more than a relay of CBC News programming.

  Source: Cowles/SIMBA Media Daily via Shoptalk

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