TS News - ABC To Merge TV And Radio

TELE-satellit News, 12 December 1996

ABC To Merge TV And Radio
  CANBERRA, ACT, Australia, 96/12/12 (SatND) -- The Australian Broadcasting
Corporation (ABC) said it would merge its radio and television services.
The new structure, which is expected to save A$27 million, was approved by
ABC's board.

  The corporation's managing directors Brian Johns told a news conference
that the move would also return "decision making to the people who make
programs." About 20 percent of ABC's 300 management positions will be axed
in the restructuring process.

  The old divisions will be replaced by four program-orientated functions:
regional services, national networks, news and current affairs, and program
creation. Johns said the new ABC structure was the result of 12 months of
work, and would "go some way to meeting the government-announced funding
cut of $55 million for 1997-98".

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