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TELE-satellit News, 9 December 1996

Dutch Media News
  HILVERSUM, Netherlands, 96/12/06 (Sat-ND) -- This is a roundup of recent
media news from the Netherlands by Jitse Groen.

SBS6 + Sport7 = SBS7?

  SBS 6 wants to buy the Sport7 football rights and has placed a bid. The
Sport7 shareholders will consider this bid tomorrow (Friday). The name will
probably change to SBS 7 if SBS gets the rights. SBS 6 will transmit the
important games while 7 transmits 'normal' sports. Philips is definitely
out of the race: Sport7's losses are too great.

Delta heats up Kootwijk

  The planned multi-megawatts long wave radio station Delta Radio 171 could
experience some problems before going on air. The Dutch PTT wants to expand
the 'zenderpark' (transmitter park) in Kootwijk with four new antennas of
320 metres in height each for Delta. Inhabitants of a nearby community
however, have protested against this expansion, because of... radiation fears.

  By: Jitse Groen
  Source: Sat-ND
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