TS News - TCI Shakes Up Cable Menu

TELE-satellit News, 30 November 1996

TCI Shakes Up Cable Menu
  NEW YORK, New York, 96/11/29 (Shoptalk) -- Comedy Central and VH1 are out
in many cities and a new nature channel is in as TCI rearranges its lineup
for most subscribers. The changes were announced Wednesday by the nation's
largest cable television company. TCI said it was making the changes to
strengthen its cable offerings.

  Also gone will be superstations WGN and WWOR, The Travel Channel and E!
Entertainment Television will be eliminated in many areas.  TBS and the
Discovery Channel will be added to the basic service.  Some cities will get
the Sci-Fi Channel and others the History Channel because of channel
availability and customer requests.

  Source: SF Chronicle via Shoptalk
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