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TELE-satellit News, 17 November 1996

Nordic Satellite News
  STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 96/11/17 (SatNordic) -- The following is a roundup of
satellite broadcasting news from the Nordic region by Richard Karlsson and
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Viasat introduces new progam package

  Viasat will launch a new program package for Scandinavia called Viasat +
on January 1 1997. The package will include the channels Nickelodeon,
Sci-Fi , TV 6 ZTV and VH-1.  The monthly fee is set to $10 and $ 6 for TV
1000 subscribers. During the introduction period will the costumers be
offered the package to a special price for a limited time this price has
not exactly been set yet sais Peder Ramel at Viasat. A good economical sign
is that the number of Viasat-cards now has passed 800 000.

BBC has started broadcasts from Intelsat 707

  Last Thursday started BBC Prime broadcasting at the old Filmnet
transponder (11,133 V) from Intelsat 707 at 1 degrees west. Filmnet 1 moved
the same day to the MTV transponder at Thor 12,092 RHCP. BBC Prime will be
included in the CTV package (TCC, Discovery etc.) which also will rise to
$12,7 per month.

Sveriges Radio (SR) expands its newsbroadcast on the intenet.

  Since SR started putting out their news program "ekot" on the Intenet,
has the webpage been visited for more than 160 000 times. The listeners are
both sweds who lives  the world but also sweds in Sweden have been busy
downloading the news issues mosty because itīs simply and you donīt need to
wait until the top of the hour. SR has now also inproved the soundquality
without increasing the filesize. There is also a library in which its
possible to listen all the "a-quarter-to-five-news" since the 13 of July.
The adress to the library is:
http://www.sr.se/ekot/nyheter/dagenseko/index.htm . You find Ekotīs
mainpage at: http://www.sr.se/ekot/

More Delays For Multichoice

  The digital decoders from Nokia seems to be delayed once again.
Multichoice said last monday that they were promised a number of receivers
next week. Unfortunately Nokia had to change the delivery date so itīs
still unsure when the receivers will be out on the market.

More reductions at MTG. ZTV reduces its personal with 12.

  ZTV will reduce the working force with 12 employees and discontinue the
two preograms Beckerell and 800 Grader. ZTV will also rent some sparetime
to the IT magazine Funbase which is broadcasting a program called WebTV.
Thre program is broadcasted between 01.15 and 02.15 C.E.T. The adress to
Funbase is: http://www.funbase.se  and to ZTV: http://www.ztv.se .
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