TS News - RAI Planning Education Service

TELE-satellit News, 7 November 1996

RAI Planning Education Service
  MILAN, Italy, 96/11/07 (TS) -- Italian state radio and TV RAI is currently
working on a project of a new educational service. The service which is
tentatively called RAI Educational plans to offer new types of programs,
with high ratings not being the primary goal, giving instead precedence to
quality and culture.

  RAI Educational will produce programs for the existing three RAI TV
channels and a separate thematic satellite channel aimed at schools and
universities is also planned.

  The programming of the new service will be presented in the next few weeks
but some details have already been announced.  It will start on February 3rd
with three daily programming segments - 00:30h on RAI Uno as well as at
10:30h and 13:00h on RAI Tre. The new satellite channel will start next
April and it will be carried on one of the transponders that RAI has booked
on the Eutelsat Hot Bird 2 satellite.

  By: Branislav Pekic

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