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TELE-satellit News, 4 November 1996

Nordic Satellite News
  STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 96/11/04 (SatNordic) -- This is a selection of
satellite broadcasting news from the Nordic region taken from
TELE-satellit's Sat Nordic news service. All stories were written by Richard
Karlsson, richard@gotlandica.se .

  ZTV Denmark on TV Sat 2 will close down its transmission on Saturday, the
30th of November. This is due to cost reductions of 10 percent that were
announced earlier this year. Maybe this is an opening for Nickelodon
Denmark, that earlier have been announced to start here. The Norwegian
version of TV 3+ will also be taken of the air.

  Filmnet 1 will switch satellite on November 13. Filmnet 1 will use the old
MTV transponder on Thor 12,092 which earlier were ment for BBC Prime. The
same day will Filmnet cease on Intelsat 707 (11,133 V).This move is ment to
help the viewers to easier receive the channel whether this will make this
easier or more complicated is up to the viewers to deside.  Many viewers who
just moved their Astra dishes to 1 degree west now have to upgrade their
system to continue receiving Filmnet 1. 

  NeCom Systems AB will take over the cablecompany Kabelvision from the
other partners Bonnier, Marieberg, Time Warner och UCI. NetCom already own
38 percent of Kabelvision. The overtaking is made in cooperation with the
swedish bank Nordbanken. Kabelvision has 450 000 households connected and
theor sales is around U.S.D 36 million.

  NRK 2 have plans to decrease there distributioncosts. Instead of showing
the testcard when NRK 2 is off the air NRK 2 plans to rent this unused time
to several non profit organisations. So far have more than ten organisations
showed there intressrest. 

  Swedish TV 4 has now received their new terrestrial broadcasting licence
from the government. The new licence will give TV 4 permission to broadcasts
until December 31, 1997. The licence is not very diffrent from the old one,
one smaller change is that TV 4 must focus more on Culture programming than
before.  TV 4 was also hoping for tax relieves for the local TV 4 stations,
but the Swedish government thinks that TV 4 have to take care of this
themselves since they acccepted the deal from the beginning.

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