TS News - Sky Entertainment Licences Macrovision

TELE-satellit News, 1 November 1996

Sky Entertainment Licences Macrovision
  SUNNYVALE, California, USA, 96/10/28 (TS) -- Sky Entertainment Services
has licensed Macrovision's pay-per-view (PPV) copy protection technology for
use on its digital satellite broadcasting system. 

  Macrovision PPV technology allows consumers to view, but not record,
programs that are copy protected at the direction of system operators or
program suppliers.  The technology is designed to deter unauthorized home
taping of digitally delivered PPV programs. This allows copyright owners to
minimize cannibalization of their home video revenues while maximizing PPV
system operator revenues.

  As part of its agreement with Macrovision, Sky Entertainment Services will
include copy protection control capability in its system software, and will
require copy protection capability for its digital set-top boxes.

  "PPV copy protection is rapidly becoming a standard feature in digital
video networks throughout the world," said Mark Belinsky, vice president of
Macrovision's Copy Protection Group. "We look forward to working with Sky
Entertainment Services to ensure its subscribers will have access to the
widest range of PPV programs available."

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