TS News - Britain Bans Another Porn Channel

TELE-satellit News, 11 October 1996

Britain Bans Another Porn Channel
  LONDON, England, 96/10/11 (TS) -- The United Kingdom has banned sales of
smart cards needed to receive Rendez Vous Television, a French based
hard-core pornography broadcaster. The channel becomes the third such
service to be banned by the nation after Red Hot TV in 1993 and TV Erotica
in 1995.

  Speaking at the governing Conservative Party's annual conference Virginia
Bottomley, National Heritage Secretary, announced the ban.

  Despite the channel having been in operation for a year, the UK government
took notice after a campaigners alerted the ministry to the contents of a 15
minute teaser broadcast which goes out for the first fifteen minutes of
broadcasting each night. This is unencrypted and can be viewed by anyone.

  Sales of smart cards to watch the service are now officially outlawed in
the UK but given their small size and cheapness, it should be relatively
easy, if not slightly more expensive, for UK viewers to mail order the cards
from continental Europe.

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