TS News - Indonesia Plans Garuda Satellite System

TELE-satellit News, 29 September 1996

Indonesia Plans Garuda Satellite System
  JAKATA, Indonesia, 96/09/29 (TS) -- The Russian-American consortium
Lockheed-Khrunichev-Energiya will launch the Indonesian satellite Garuda-1,
built by US company Lockheed. The spacecraft will be operated by a regional
consortium set up by three companies from Indonesia, Thailand and the
Philippines respectively.

  According to Itar-Tass, the launch will take place in the second half of
1998 and cost US$100 million. Garuda-1 may just be the first of a huge
satellite fleet: There are plans to launch at least six more Garuda satellites.

  Russian officials stated they were hoping for follow-up contracts,
pointing out they had good prospects as it was the first time that Russia
had entered the fast developing market of South-East Asia.

  By: Peter Klanowski
  Source: SatND

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