TS News - Delta Launches US Military Satellite

TELE-satellit News, 13 September 1996

Delta Launches US Military Satellite
  CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida, USA, 96/09/13 (TS) -- The U.S. Air Force launched
the third replacement Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite aboard a
McDonnell Douglas built Delta II rocket on Thursday. The Delta II lifted off
at 04:49am EDT (0849 UTC), boosting the GPS satellite into a transfer orbit.

  The launch, carrying a Department of Defense payload, was dedicated to
American Prisoners of War and those declared Missing in Action.

  The Delta II successfully launched all 24 original GPS satellites, and on
March 27, 1996, launched the first replacement satellite.  Today's launch
keeps the GPS at full operational capability. The life span for each
satellite is about seven and one-half years. McDonnell Douglas will launch
replacement spacecraft for the Air Force as needed through the year 2002.

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