TS News - Independent TV On Air In Bosnia

TELE-satellit News, 11 September 1996

Independent TV On Air In Bosnia
  SARAJEVO, Bosnia, 96/09/11 (OMRI) -- Open Broadcast Network began
broadcasting on 7 September, after delays caused by all Bosnian parties'
unwillingness to cooperate, AFP reported the next day. The network --
established by the Office of the High Representative, the leading civic
agency in Bosnia -- is designed to bring together five existing independent
channels in the Bosnian federation.

  But disagreements over a basic program concept are already noticeable.
Heads of the local television stations that joined the OBN fear it will
become a new organization employing new journalists, while destroying
existing stations, Oslobodjenje reported on 10 September. Meanwhile, Tuzla's
mayor Selim Beslagic closed down the town's local television station for
unknown reasons, local media reported.

  By: Daria Sito Sucic
  Source: This material was reprinted with permission of the Open
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          research offices in Prague, Czech Republic.
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