TS News - 23 New TV Channels For Canada

TELE-satellit News, 6 September 1996

23 New TV Channels For Canada
  OTTAWA, Canada, 96/09/06 (TS) -- The Canadian TV regulatory body, the
Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), has
approved licenses for 23 new speciality TV channels. Canada now has 54 such
licensed services.

  The new channels range from business to sports and music to entertainment
with one thing in common, the amount of Canadian produced programming will
be high. Canada has been trying to limit the amount of US influence on its
television market for some time.

  Seven of the new channels will be on the air within a year using analog
technology while the remaining 16 will broadcast digitally and expect to be
on the air within three years.

  The CBC's Newsworld channel will get competition from CTV Television
Network, in English, and Tele-Metropole, in French, and The Toronto Globe
and Mail will operate a new business news channel. CHUM won permission for
MuchMore Music, regional news channel Pulse 24, CHUM's Space: The
Imagination Station, Canada Learning Television and entertainment based Star TV.

  Other new services include Home and Garden Television, Outdoor Life, Prime
TV, regional sports channel S3, Sportscope Plus, Talk TV and TreeHouse TV.

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