TS News - Big Increases In French Eutelsat Viewing

TELE-satellit News, 5 September 1996

Big Increases In French Eutelsat Viewing
  PARIS, France, 96/09/05 (TS) -- The latest official figures on the number
of homes in France receiving satellite television confirm that the market
continues to see rapid expansion. The new figures, derived from a study
produced by the research company Carat - TVMI and provide an accurate and
invaluable reference document of satellite television penetration in France.

  A series of nationwide surveys conducted in May by Carat concluded that
direct and community reception of Eutelsat's Hot Bird position at 13 degrees
East had increased to 463 000 homes from 338 000 homes in October 1995.
Estimates for mid-1996 are that Hot Bird direct and community reception had
hit the half a million mark. Reception of Eutelsat II-F3, which transmits
eight Arab channels from 16 degrees East, saw a dramatic 77 per cent growth
since October 1995, to 368,000 homes from 208,000 homes.

  Carat - TVMI's study was based on fieldwork managed by ISL/H2A. The first
part of the study, by ISL, focused on a sample of 5,000 households
representative of the French market. The second part was produced hy H2A and
focused on a sub-sample of Arab-speaking households resident in France.

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