TS News - Latvia Switches Off Russian ORT

TELE-satellit News, 30 August 1996

Latvia Switches Off Russian ORT
  RIGA, Latvia, 96/08/29 (Sat-ND) -- Terrestrial transmission of the Russian
public television ORT in Latvia has ceased today, much to the dismay of
ethnic Russians living in the Baltic state. Said Ojar Rubenis, Chairman of
the National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting: "Russian people
must be quite clear about what country they are living in."

  The Russians, representing roughly a third of the country's population,
probably know by now. They were told to watch Russian programming on cable
or satellite, but of course most just can't afford it. The new station using
the ORT frequencies, Latvian independent TV, has meanwhile announced to buy
some popular programmes from Moscow.

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