TS News - BBC World On Air In Berlin

TELE-satellit News, 22 August 1996

BBC World On Air In Berlin
  BERLIN, Germany, 96/08/22 (TS) -- The BBC became the first European
broadcaster to air programs terrestrially in another country on its own
transmitter today. BBC World began broadcasting to Berlin after the BBC won
a terrestrial licence in the city.

  The channel up for grabs was ch E41 which used to carry the British Armed
Forces service, SSVC. With the scaling back of forces in Germany many of the
armed forces TV and radio services that used to fill the German airwaves
have disappeared, thus freeing the channel.

  The BBC will broadcast 24 hours a day and can be picked up by anyone
within range of the transmitter. The licence is held by European Channel
Management, the company that markets BBC World and sister channel BBC Prime
in Europe.

  Until now, all of the BBC's viewers have received the signal direct via
satellite or on cable TV.

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