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TELE-satellit News, 16 August 1996

Transponder News

ASTRA 1A-1F, 19.2E
- The first pay-per-view channel for Germany, Cinedom, will start next
Friday on transponder 58 (10.847 Ghz v) and transponder 65 (11.719 Ghz h).
That was told to me by a spokesman by DF 1 Munich.
- On Wednesday I received from the new digital tv-programmes CNBC, Travel,
NBC and EBN only the message "No TS" in the display of the d-Box.
- HitRadio Veronica is to start parallel on TST 4, another radio-programm
will launch soon on TST 5.
- The regular programm of Pro Sieben broadcasted for a long of time during
Tuesday night on the DF 1-channel, "Discovery" (German version). 
- According to Holger Zeissler, the German version of the children-channel
Nickelodeon will start soon on transponder 27, 11.612 Ghz h (former TV3
Danmark). Currently comes between 9.00 to 15.00 CET the "nordic version" of
Nickelodeon in D2 MAC clear. The future of this Viacom-programm is unclear.
Nickelodeon must cease the "full-time" service via KOPERNIKUS DFS 1 FM3
during the next months and will stop on the ASTRA 1 D-transponder 10.714 Ghz
h (time-sharing with arte). On this place will stat on January 1st the
brand-new childrens-programm of ARD/ZDF (in PAL clear). The launch-date for
Nickelodeon on 11.612 Ghz h is temporary unknown, programm-time: 6.00 to
20.00 CET. In the evening another Viacom program may come.
- Sport 7, the first "full time" sport-channel for the Netherlands, will
start next Sunday (August 18). That's announced by the programm in a "clear"
promotion-trailer, in parallel on 12.441 Ghz v "TST 3 (Sport 7)" and, usual,
11.875 Ghz h.

EUTELSAT II-F1/Hot Bird 1, 13.0E
- The Viacom digital-package is no longer free available. Bloomberg was the
one and only channel that was free in video and sound; by VH 1, MTV 1, MTV 2
and the Sci-Fi the sound was open only. MTV and the brand-new programm VH 1
Export (another music-channel) comes fully scrambled.
- For few hours the very popular music-stations MTV 3 and VH 1 broadcast on
Tuesday with video and sound in MPEG 2 "clear". Both channels have encrypted
the video-signal since few days. Viacom broadcast on 11.238 Ghz v (FEC 3/4)
altogether 6 entertaiment, information and music-channels.
- Two "test-channels" has been added today to the French AB Sat-package on
12.522 Ghz h. With Test9 and Test10 broadcast exactly 10 MPEG-channel on one
analogue transponder. But the d-Box is saying "No TS" in the display - so I
can't receive the "sign" of all only.

INTELSAT 705, 18.0W
- MED-TV is back! The channel comes on the bird INTELSAT 705, transponder
11.075 Ghz v in PAL; audio 6.60 MHz. The signal is very strong, with a 90-cm
dish you can catch the signal in a good quality. MED-TV suspended from
political reasons in the last few weeks.

INTELSAT 601, 27,5W
- Country Music Television and The Travel Channel will cease probably the
analogue service on 11.168 Ghz v / 11.174 Ghz h. A spokesman of the CMT told
SatDee, in the future the signal will be broadcasting in MPEG 2 only. The
very popular music-channel comes on ASTRA 12 hours daily in videocrypt;
Travel is available on the same bird in MPEG2.

- After a short absence, Canal + Espana comes currently on 12.711 Ghz h
(usual) and 12.632 Ghz h. The signal is on the second channel is very much

All reports by: Stefan Hagedorn

(c)TELE-satellit 1996. All rights reserved.

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