TS News - Sunergy Broadcast Thursday

TELE-satellit News, 5 August 1996

Sunergy Broadcast Thursday
  MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, USA, 96/08/05 (TS) -- Sun Microsystems will
broadcast the 22nd Sunergy worldwide television broadcast this Thursday. The
theme of the program is "The Future Of Computing Architectures."

  With chip speed doubling every 18 months, it may seem as if computing
horizons extend infinitely outward-that companies can be assured of  the
capability to meet their needs well into the future. But even with
corresponding improvements in memory and disk density, future capacity needs
to be understood in terms of new architectures.

  The reason? Demand is growing faster than the evolution of these
technologies.  Internet growth of 70% per year is only one indicator.
Switched networks, data mining, and decision support also compound pressures
on servers and networks.

  Sunergy 22 examines how existing computer architectures meet user
requirements- from uniprocessors to SMP and MPP- then discusses what
additional resources might be needed to address emerging system
requirements. In an interdependent 'ecosystem' of computing technologies and
architectures, where will these new resources be found?

  The broadcast details are:
  0830-0930 PDT / 1130-1230 EDT / 1530-1630 UTC Thursday

  Satellite Details:

  Galaxy 4, 99.0W (CONUS)
        transponder 9 (3880 MHz), H, audio 6.20/6.80, 75umS
  SBS 5, 123.0W (CONUS)
        transponder 12 (11.898 GHz), V, audio 6.20/6.80, 75umS
  Intelsat K, 21.5W (Latin American Beam)
        transponder H3L (11.842 GHz), V, audio 6.60/7.40, 75umS
  Eutelsat II F2, 10.0E (European)
        transponder 22 (11.163 GHz), H, audio 6.60/7.20, 50umS

  Sunergy 22 will also be carried on the Internet Multicast Backbone (MBONE)

  Complete details of the upcoming broadcast can be found at the Sunergy
home page at http://www.sun.com/sunergy/ 

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