TS News - Golf Channel To Team With Fox

TELE-satellit News, 5 August 1996

Golf Channel To Team With Fox
  ORLANDO, Florida, USA, 96/08/05 (TS) -- Rupert Murdoch's Fox Television
network has agreed with The Golf Channel to purchase a third of the cable
programmer. The agreement, announced last week, teams offers several useful
benefits for Murdoch's media empire.

  Not only does this strengthen the sports line up of Fox in the USA but it
also offers stronger ties between the Golf Channel and BSkyB's Sky Sports
network. Sky Sports already uses the Golf Channel and will have increased
space for its programming when Sky Sports 3 launches in a few weeks.

  Links with BSkyB could also signal an expansion into Europe for the
American cable network. The Golf Channel is launching later this year in
Japan, a market that Rupert Murdoch will enter shortly with his recently
announced JSkyB service.

  The Golf Channel is now in its second year of operation and made history
as the world's first 24-hour golf network.

  Golf Channel president and CEO Joseph E. Gibbs commented, "I am  very
pleased about what this new investor will bring to many areas of our
business. After negotiations with a number of potential  investors, Fox
Television was determined as the best fit because of  the value they place
on our company and the synergistic opportunities they offer.  There are many
mutually beneficial opportunities in this new relationship and we are very
proud of this event and our new  partner. We look forward to the
relationship as we move ahead."

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