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TELE-satellit News, 26 July 1996

TNX Service Proves On Demand News
  ORLANDO, Florida, USA, 96/07/26 (TS) -- Six weeks ago The News Exchange
(TNX) launched on Time Warner Cable's Full Service Network in Orlando. TNX
is billed as an interactive video news service and Time Warner says a series
of recent news events have proved the system can work and provide
comprehensive news of major events.

  TNX relies on news from partners including New York 1, the 24-hour cable
news channel in New York City; ABC News; CNN; NBC News; The Orlando
Sentinel; WESH, NewsChannel 2 (NBC); WFTV, Channel 9 Eyewitness News (ABC);
and The Weather Channel.

  Users are able to surf to TNX on the cable network and choose to view a
news package on demand, rather than waiting for the news as everyone else
does. This proved especially useful to viewers during the recent approach of
Hurricane Bertha, during the time after the explosion of TWA flight 800 and
when local Orlando Magic star Shaquille O'Neal to bolt to the Los Angeles

  "These events brought into sharp focus the ability of TNX to provide
comprehensive on-demand coverage of major news stories whether it's of
national, state, or local interest," said George Kindel, TNX news director.
"We were able to give viewers a host of information options from a unique,
single source."

  When TWA Flight 800 crashed on the evening of July 17, TNX viewers saw an
alert, notifying them that a major breaking news story was unfolding. TNX
followed with a series of "special topic" reports produced by its new partners.

  Less than three hours after the explosion, TNX viewers could choose from
video provided by New York 1, CNN, ABC News and NBC News. It included
extensive coverage of press conferences by TWA, President Clinton, and New
York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, and interviews with officials from the
National Transportation Safety Board and other agencies.

  TNX's inaugural "special topic" package began with the threatened arrival
of Hurricane Bertha.  The storm lumbered towards the east coast of Florida,
forcing the mandatory evacuation of beach  communities. TNX drew upon the
resources of The Orlando Sentinel, The Weather Channel, WESH and WFTV to
provide viewers with comprehensive, continuously updated coverage of the
storm and evacuation.

  Time Warner Cable's Full Service Network is the first in the world to
integrate cable, computer, and telephone technologies over a fiber-optic and
coaxial cable network.  This allows the Full Service Network to be a
single-source provider of traditional cable, interactive television,
telephone service, and high-speed PC access to on-line services. It has
4,000 subscribers. 

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