TS News - Duma To Ask Yeltsin To Renationalise ORT

TELE-satellit News, 19 July 1996

Duma To Ask Yeltsin To Renationalise ORT
  MOSCOW, Russia, 96/07/18 (OMRI) -- Complaining of pro-Yeltsin bias on the
Channel 1 broadcaster Russian Public TV (ORT), the State Duma passed a
non-binding resolution asking the president to transform ORT from a closed
joint-stock company to a state-owned network, Russian media reported on 17 July.

  ORT was partly privatized under a November 1994 presidential decree, but
the state retained 51% of the company's shares. Several efforts by the Duma
since then to reverse the restructuring have been blocked by President Yeltsin.

  Commenting on Vladimir Zhirinovsky's proposal to divide time on ORT
equally among the president, government, and parliament, ORT
Director-General Sergei Blagovolin told NTV that such a policy would drive
viewers to drink out of boredom. On the same day, the Duma asked the
government to instruct the Finance Ministry to distribute funds allocated
under the 1996 budget to regional radio and television companies, ITAR-TASS

  By: Laura Belin
  Source: OMRI, Inc.  http://www.omri.cz/ 

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