TS News - Americatel Colombia Expands PAS-1 Capacity

TELE-satellit News, 18 July 1995

Americatel Colombia Expands PAS-1 Capacity
  GREENWICH, Conneticut, USA, 96/07/18 (TS) -- PanAmSat has announced an
expanded agreement with Americatel Colombia for satellite capacity on the
PAS-1 Atlantic Ocean Region satellite. The additional service triples the
amount of PanAmSat satellite capacity Americatel Colombia uses to provide
telecommunications services for businesses throughout Latin America. In
addition, Americatel Colombia has moved to the PAS-1 C-band beam that
provides virtually total coverage of Latin America and the Caribbean, as
well as access to the continental United States.  

  Americatel Colombia uses PanAmSat satellite capacity to provide private
domestic and international telephone, video conferencing and data
communications services to its business customers.  Since 1992, PanAmSat has
provided Americatel Colombia with service on the PAS-1 C-band North beam,
which provides coverage from Miami to northern Peru.  The new PAS-1 service,
which is currently underway, consists of an entire 72 MHz transponder on
PAS-1's C-band Latin beam, which provides coverage from Miami to Antarctica.  

  Americatel Colombia, the largest provider of private international
telecommunications services in Colombia, is owned by a partnership of Grupo
Santo Domingo of Colombia and Entel Chile.

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