TS News - New Russian TV Station Planned

TELE-satellit News, 15 July 1996

New Russian TV Station Planned
  MOSCOW, Russia, 96/07/12 (OMRI) -- Working Russia leader Viktor Anpilov
announced that he wants to launch a new television station in Russia to be
called People's Television of Russia (NTR), ORT reported on 11 July.

  Anpilov denounced Russia's current media as an "empire of lies" and called
for resuming the "siege" of Ostankino. Ostankino is the location of Russia's
first channel ORT and was the scene of violent clashes in October 1993
following President Yeltsin's decision to shut down the Supreme Soviet.

  Anpilov hopes to collect the $50 million necessary to start broadcasts
from individual contributions. The Working Russia leader said he would join
a union with Gennadii Zyuganov's Communist Party, if it did not join
Yeltsin's cabinet, ITAR-TASS reported.

  By: Robert Orttung
  Source: OMRI, Inc. http://www.omri.cz/ 

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